rules to play paddleball

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Rules to play Paddleball

11. Learn to score
Paddleball scoring is the same as tennis scoring and is played in sets of 1, 3, or 5.
Tennis scoring begins with both teams at 0, also called love. One point is scored as 15, the second point for the same team is 30, and the third point awarded to the same team is 40. The serving teams score is called first. For example, if the serving team wins 3 points and the receiving team wins 2 points, the score would be 40 30.
Once a team reaches 40, that team wins the game if they win one more point. If the score gets to be 40 40, a situation referred to as deuce, the next point wins that game. Normal tennis scoring requires that either team must win two points in a row in order to win the game, but paddleball does not use advantage scoring.
Paddleball can be played in sets of 1, 3, or 5. One set is completed when a team has won 6 games, though they must win by a two game margin. Therefore, 6 4 would be an acceptable set score, but 6 5 would not. If the second situation occurs, you continue to play games until one team wins the set by a two game margin.
12. Volley war
A volley war simply consists of volleying the ball across the net between teams until a player misses. The team that misses will receive the serve first, while the team that didnt miss will serve first.
13. Basic goal
Recognize that the basic goal of the game is to not let the ball hit the ground. You win points by forcing the other team to miss the ball and or hit it into the net or the ground.
14. Use a lob shot
Lob shots are balls hit high over the net in an upside down U shape. Because it takes longer for these balls to reach the other side of the net, lob shots can be useful for buying time. Make sure to hit the ball deep into the court when lobbing. If you hit the ball short, the other team can easily attack the ball with a hard overhead volley.
15. Partner if playing doubles
Call out who will return questionable shots with phrases such as Mine! and Ive got it! Establish what phrases you will use before beginning the match.
16. Points
Points are scored when the serving side:
a Serve is not returned.
b Wins the rally.
17. Group play
Another way to play beach paddleball is to play as a group. With two to four people, players try to keep the ball airborne for as long as possible, hitting between each person in a set area. The ball cannot touch the ground or else the groups will have to start over counting from the beginning. Groups can compete against each other with each one seeing who can keep the ball in the air the longest or exchange the most hits. This creates an exciting game to play on a team and also one to watch as an observer, as it will be numerous people swinging and diving for small rubber balls in the sand and surf.
18. Competitive play rules
Rules for the game when players are playing against each other competitively are relatively simple. Equal boundaries are determined for each players side, with a line in the middle that a player must hit the ball over to get to the other persons side. There are boundaries in the back and along the edges of the sandy court and these boundaries can be any size a player chooses. The object is to not let the paddleball touch the ground. One player serves the ball to another player in the air and they must hit it back to their opponents side before it bounces on the ground, trying to hit in bounds without the other player hitting it back. Players hit the ball back and forth until it lands in bounds or the ball goes out. Players play to a certain number they decide and can win by two. Some people play by rules that are similar to tennis, with one side serving and then another side serving.
19. Equipment and Players
Beach paddleball requires at least two players but can also have as many as three or four. It also requires an expanse of beach and is usually played close to the waterline. There are certain types of equipment that are also standard to playing paddleball. The paddles are large flat pieces of wood 16 inches in length and flat pieces of light wood with handles that are either made out of plastic or have plastic grips. The ball is a hollow rubber ball, an inch in diameter.
20. Scoring
1 A point is scored after each rally.
2 If the ball hits you, your team loses the point.
3 Ball lands out of bounds.
4 Improper serve.
5 Ball hits Dead Ball Plate.
6 Ball hits ceiling or duct.

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