pet care

Pet Care

Dogs make wonderful companion and give us unconditional love.
1. Reality Check
Adoption Tips :
Pets make wonderful companions and give us unconditional love. But bringing up pets is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, energy, willingness and money on your part. Before adopting a pet consider these things so that you do not have to repent your decision later
2. Decide the breed
Adoption Tips :
Once you have decided to get one in your house, do some research on the general behaviour of different breed of dogs, also understand the size and care required for your choice and last but not the least , work out the expenses involved and adjust your budget accordingly.
3. Essential Items
Adoption Tips :
Apart from a suitable place for your pet, other items include food and water bowls, safe chew toys, grooming tools, a collar and leash, an identification tag, bedding and towel. For food, try to buy the same brand which dog is already eating. If you want to change foods, make the switch gradually, mixing old food with new, over a period of a few weeks.
4. Assign Responsibilities
Adoption Tips :
Some of the most common activities to be divided among family members are , to take your pet out for a walk in the morning and evening, feeding the dog, taking dog to the vet, and last but not the least, every one must love your dog and take care of it well.
5. Identify Vet Clinic
Adoption Tips :
Find out the vet clinic near your house, and bring your dog to the vet for a wellness examination within one week after adoption. Make this first appointment even before you bring home your new pup.
6. Legal formalities
Adoption Tips :
Find out about your community?s dog licensing rules in your area and apply for a license. This information can usually be found by visiting your state department's websites. You can also ask your local shelter for information about the rules.
7. Take care of Rivalry
Adoption Tips :
This is applicable when you already have a pet in the home and wish to get another one. Before you introduce the new member in the family, ensure you get one more set of items like : food bowls, bones, toys and beds. Even if your dog has never exhibited possessive tendencies, it is best to exercise caution.
8. Set the ground rules
Adoption Tips :
Before your loved one comes home, decide things such as: Is your pet allowed on the furniture? What kind of food to be shared, What behaviors to be encouraged, and what all is forbidden? Consistency is the key to giving good culture to dogs, so make sure everyone sticks to enforcing the new system.
9. Training Rules
Adoption Tips :
One of the important aspects is training the dog as this will ensure the behaviour you expect from your pet. Dogs can get confused when one member says ?down? and another says ?off? when, for example, they jump on visitors. Then there?s ?down? versus ?lie down,? and ?paw? versus ?shake?. Be Consistent with the terms you plan to associate with various commands. Better yet, write out a vocabulary list of the words that everyone will use.
10. Healthy Pet
Adoption Tips :
Adopt a healthy pet, which is not suffering from any deadly disease. Before adoption get your pet examined by a veterinarian and get your pet vaccinated against deadly diseases. Adopt the pet from an authorized center/agency and complete all the legal formalities required

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