new year poems

New Year Poems

New Year Poems are a great way to convey new year wishes to your friends and family.
1. Dear friends
My dear poetry friends as the years end draws nigh I look back on many happy times with heartfelt sigh. Laughter and tears have been shed as poems I read the warmth of sharing, sometimes a rush to the head. Now looking forward to New Year may wishes come true and may we be blessed with friendship without any blue. Let the festivities begin as we party in good company and cheer and no sore heads from the demon spirits stick to the beer
2. Setting Goals for Twenty fifteen
In Times Square, soon well observe a departing, With a huge Crystal balls culminating descent. Millions will celebrate the New Years starting, While exiling, to our past, the one just spent. With former things occupying our year departed, Whether good, bad, of found settled in between. Theyre gone, and future days, remain uncharted, Lets endeavor to elevate beyond twenty fourteen. Make each day count, for something worthwhile, Greater than observing the Suns rising and set. While the world about us is increasingly more vile, Let this not determine us, adding to us, regret. For God numbers days and discerns lifes ending, This year, lets not fill days, with wrong things. While showing love to others, not condescending, For judgment awaits when our death bell rings.
3. The new year
What does the new year hold for me? The days ahead I cannot see. I may see sickness, grief, or pain; I may see Jesus come again. I may place loved ones in a grave, Or I may see a loved one saved. I may be moved another place, Or I may go see Jesus face. I may have poverty untold, Or I may walk the streets of gold. I may hear often calls of grace, Or I might soon the judgment face. As I look back on years gone by, Consider how fast they did fly, And all the years that I did waste, Brought to my life such sad disgrace, I wonder as I face this year Will I determine God to hear? Or will I listen to the world And all its offers here unfurled? Will I apply my lessons learned, Or will I just snub them and spurn? Will I another year just waste And not try more to run the race That God has set before me here With faithfulness and holy fear? The year ahead can be a thrill, Or can with sinful acts be filled. The year ahead can bring reward As I try more to serve the Lord. Who knows but what this year could be The last in this old world for me? Therefore, I must forget the past And do what for my Lord will last. If He has put my past behind, I can trust Him to heal my mind, My heart, my soul, my life alway, And live my best for Him today. Oh, yes, I will not perfect be; Ill fail, Im sure, His will to see. But if I come in humble prayer, I know that Hell forgive me there. The key is how I handle sin: Will I just let it dwell within, Continue and be satisfied, Or cry out to the One who died To come, forgive, and cleanse again And help me overcome that sin? So as I face the year ahead, May I determine now instead Of seeing each day go to waste, Live in His righteousness and grace.
4. Almost new year
Tic Toc, the countdowns started, Another years nigh done. Break out the poppers, the salt and the coal, In with the new and out with the old, As parties rage on across the land, Resulutions emerge from boy and man. Mistakes forgiven, mishaps forgot, Alliances forges with every shot. The old care not, the young dont know, The lovers see through Rosie glow, Blinded by hope and fooled by fear We welcome in a brand new year. Drink up ye hearties, make merry ye men, Your future begins with the chimes of Big Ben
5. Old year new year
Dragging his feet with exhaustion, On the unending path of time, The wise old year, the gates of Oblivion approaches, His face glowing His heart pounding for joy His soul in rapture Because In a few moments, able will he be, The heavy load of humanitys predicaments Upon The eager shoulders, of the ignorant New Year, To, finally, lay!
6. Sunrise in our eyes
Beaming into our eyes a beautiful sunrise. But birds still sing and humans cling. Clinging to hope still trying to cope. Cope with what was and is a sunrise to birds still a thrill. That beautiful sunrise fading from our eyes.
7. Ring in the New Ring out the Old
The years going, youve no power to stop, so be a happy soul Take steps back, assess the old, and be grateful to new morn Bring no tear to any eye, harm not any heart, and be at His call. Each year is born like the bright berry from the naked thorn Woo but no woe, right the wrongs, live, love, and be loved by all.
8. Very happy new year wishes to you
I wish you Today a very Happy and Prosperous New Year from my Heart to yours, may This year be your best ever Make all of Your dreams come true Just follow The rainbows and Look ahead After the rain Then the sun will shine again. May this year Be great for you Keep smiling Just do the best Never stop You can do it Set goals and youll win the race.
9. New year waters
Uncharted waters your twelve months are going to be, New Year Thus navigating through them a challenging adventure would be For The danger of falling upon a reef of misfortune might become real But courage us is calling, hopes sails to open, to meet our destiny!
10. A prayer of new year resolution
By now the self stripped almost bare: Transformations well justified fare The depth of new foundation, Must be filled stone by stone for duration Stones of Rock; character of the Master: To go beyond time so much faster Dont ever listen to the Tricksters temptation, Hes the father of mindless damnation Youre called for the business of co creation Miracle working is mans vocation Ride always on the spirit of humility To manifest; only love leads to victory

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