new hairstyles for men

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New Hairstyles for Men

Mens Hairstyles and Haircuts It looks great on all face shapes, but is best suited for men.
41. Mens Messy Hairstyle With Feathered Ombre
Lillian, a party hardy socialite, feels that this hairstyle is the cream of the crop. Having described it as an ombre escapade, she feels that the gradient affect of the dye job, truly brings out the mans eye color. She says, I think that all men should try an ombre escapade As far as the picture goes, the snowy tips really bring out his ice blue eyes.
42. Choppy Parted Curls
This style was named the curly cuspby die hard dancer, Janet. She believes that this style provides the best of both worlds She says, The curly cusp is the highest mix of formality and casualness. The way its tucked behind the ears and
43. Medium Mens Messy Hairstyle The Side Swept Shag
This hairstyle is wonderful It says
44. Short Layered Waves
Nicknamed as Choppy Seas,this hairstyle won the hearts of many. Due to the stiff waviness and choppy layers, it struck a few hearts. Rani, a band guitarist, says I think its totally cool. Its different but still hip. It has a nice edginess without being too much.
45. Slick And Textured
This short and slick hairstyle is great for men who have wavy hair and like a very neat appearance. As seen in the picture, it works very well with sweater vests and preppy ensembles. To accomplish this style, you will need to be sure to use a nice amount of hair gel to keep the hair in place while maintaining the shine
46. Disheveled Side Parted Mens Hairstyle
This hairdo is awesome for dudes who have more of a grunge like personal style It allows you to grow out your hair to a workable length while still having individuality. You want to be sure to use a holding spray while your hair is wet and ruffle the hair at different directions to create a messy look.
47. Closely Cut Sides And A Back Swept Quiff
While this cute cut does have a small contrast in length, it is still very neat and presentable for formal occasions The preppy style with a back swept quiff is great for mature men in a professional setting as well as young guys who simply like this style.
48. Curly Side Parted Mens Hairstyle With A Messy Touch
This short curly up sweep looks great on men with more square face shapes. The curls give the hairdo a more natural feel while the up sweep adds tameness. To keep the shape of the hairstyle secure and minimize the frizz, you need to use a nice amount of holding hairspray.
49. Feathered And Flat
This hairstyle is feathered yet flat. The lack of volume highly emphasizes the texture caused by the numerous layers. When styling a cut like this, you want to avoid heavy products so that they dont cause the hair to be and look unflatteringly limp
50. Side Parted Mens Pompadour Hairstyle
Pompadours have always been popular as a category of stylish mens hairstyles. Update your pompadour with a trendy quirk the distinct side part like in the photo for an added touch of drama and a dandy feel.

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