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Interesting Questions

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1. What is air
What we breathe is the Air. All life forms as well as plants need air to survive on Earth. Also known as Earths atmosphere, Air is made up of many gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and in water forms such as water vapour.
2. Can we see air
Air is a colourless gas; since majority of air is nitrogen which itself is a colourless gas. Nitrogen takes of about 78% of air; hence no colour is seen or reflected from air. But we can feel the presence of air as it moves leaves, trees or clothes in the direction of wind.
3. Why do we sweat
Sweating is an important way of maintaining body temperature. When our body gets heated it releases moisture in the form of tiny water droplets, which cool the body as it evaporates. Sweating is a way of getting rid of waste material. There are eccrine glands which are under the arms and apocrine glands which are over the rest of the skin that release secretions. Our palms and soles have the maximum number of sweat glands.
4. How is the wind generated
Wind is generated by the motion. Due to continuous sunlight in some parts of Earth, the air becomes warm. Warm air being lighter than cold air, it rises up and cold air takes its place. This movement of air causes generation of wind.
5. What is the color of light
Many scientists have found out that light is a spectrum of many colors, hence there is no fixed color of light. Newton once displayed this with an experiment as he passed a beam of white light through a prism. The light split into seven colors which were Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red (or better known as VIBGYOR) just as it can be seen in a rainbow.
6. How is a rainbow formed
A true marvel of nature, it is a wonderful arc of the spectrum of colors VIBGYOR. A rainbow is usually seen when sunlight passes through rain drops and is scattered into a band of colors. The light is reflected once from the back of the rain drop and then from the front, thus we see a curved rainbow.
7. What happens to water in the puddles
We usually see that water disappears from the puddles. It is nothing but a phenomenon called as evaporation which is changing of the physical form of water from liquid to gas. The water evaporates and changes to water vapours which mix with air. This is similar to how we dry our wet clothes in the sun.
8. Why are slides slippery
This is usually caused by a phenomenon called friction. If a surface is rough, it offers maximum friction and sliding will not be smooth. Hence slides are made slippery to reduce friction or resistance. Metal offers less resistance as compared to other materials.
9. How do magnets help in navigation
Magnets have been used in the form of magnetised needle or compass that guides navigators and explorers to find their way when they travel. Earth has two magnetic fields with two poles - North and South Pole. The magnetic compass contains a needle which swings in the direction of North-South due to Earths magnetic field. The compass thus is an important tool for navigation due to Earths magnetic field.
10. Why do we see our image in the mirror
Mirrors have clean and polished surfaces which reflect light completely when light falls on them. So when we stand in front of a mirror, the light reflected by us bounces back from the mirror and we see our image.

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