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Hug Day

National Hug Day or National Hugging Day is an annual event created by Kevin Zaborney.
1. I Love You Hug
A close cheektocheek hug that says I Love You even more with an added kiss on the lips.
2. Group Hug
A hug involving multiple people family or friends where you all put your arms around one another.
3. Sympathy Hug
Pull your partner close and lay their head lightly on your shoulder as you give their back a light rub.
4. Encouraging Hug
Pull your partner close and give them a gentle squeeze with a light pat on the back.
5. Helloand Goodbye Hug
A quick, semiclose hug paired with a kiss on the cheek.
6. Hug of Joy
A semiclose hug with excitement and movement that often times includes a bit of excitement jumping.
7. Snuggle Hug
Usually works best when sitting on a couch, etc. Drape your arm around your partners shoulders and snuggle up in close!
8. Friendly Hug
Put your arms lightly around your partners shoulders and give a gentle squeeze.
9. your parents hug them
When you wake up and go in to your parents bedroom and hug them! If you have siblings hug them too!
10. school hug your friends
But just make sure they know its National Hug Day so they dont think your weird.

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