highest paid female gamers

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Highest Paid Female Gamers

The professional video game world might be a boys realm, but it seems that female professional gamer
11. Seo ToSsGirL Ji soo
Seo Ji soo, who played under the alias ToSsGirL, was a professional StarCraft player. She retired in 2012 and now runs a cybermall called tossgirl.
12. Mirlet Hitomi 1 Delgadillo
Mirlet Hitomi 1 Delgadillo, who s from Mexico, earned her cash playing Dead or Alive 4.
13. Samantha Ricochet Whale
Samantha Ricochet Whale was part of a team that came in third place for a Dead or Alive 4 tournament, back in 2007.
14. Jennifer jso So
Jennifer jso So earned $6,000 in one tournament alone. Her game of choice is Counter Strike. She was also the champion in three different Counter Strike tourneys. She s on the SK.Ladies Counter Strike team.
15. Christine potter Chi
Christine potter Chi is also a Counter Strike player, who s based in the U.S. She was the champion in three different tournaments. She s on the SK.Ladies Counter Strike team.

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