great ways to eat corn

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Great ways to eat Corn

Mouthwatering Ways To Eat Corn On The Cob This Summer.
1. Great ways to eat corn
As the United States celebrates National Corn Fritter Day on July 16 take a look at some mouthwatering recipes for fritters and more to turn sweet kernels of corn into something even more delicious with just a few ingredients.
2. chili corn fritters
Just add some eggs and chili sauce to kernels of corn and fry in butter until they are golden brown to get this delicious snack.
3. Mini Merguez Corn Dogs
This bite size sausage coated with corn flour is best served with honey mustard mayonnaise.
4. goat cheese hush puppies
The outside of these little nuggets coated in a cornmeal mixture should be crispy and golden brown. The very inside should still be a little molten and goat cheesy when served.
5. corn zeppole
These deep fried balls of corn kernels diced pancetta and mixed hot chilli s burst with flavour.
6. Carolina Hush Puppies
In North Carolina these oblong shaped hushpuppies are served with your plate of cue.
7. Corn cakes with avocado salsa
The tangy minty avocado salsa makes this pan fried dish irresistible.
8. Shrimp and Corn Cakes with Avocado Sauce
These spicy crispy corn patties taste fantastic with avocado sauce and fresh tomatoes.
9. Fried Corn with Bacon Basil and Chili
This is a great side dish to go with roasted chicken legs and a tomato and cucumber salad.
10. Chilli Corn Fritters With Tomato Salsa
Serve these fritters containing scallions paprika and cilantro with salsa on the side.

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