free things to do in tokyo

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Free things to do in Tokyo

1. Jog or pedal around the Imperial Palace
Slip on your sneakers and join the joggers following the broad moats and park paths that surround the Imperial Palace. On Sundays there are also 150 free bikes offered for pedalling along the Palace Cycling Course (
2. Cast your bid for Tsukiji
Want to witness the famous tuna auctions of Tsukiji Market? Then set your alarm for well before 5am when registration for the maximum of 120 daily viewing places starts. If you arrive later in the morning there is still a lot to see. Check the website (tsukiji before setting off as the market doesnt operate every day. Note also that the market is moving to a new location late 2016.
3. VisitSens ji
Follow in the footsteps of countless pilgrims by approaching Sens? ji Tokyos most famous Buddhist temple in Asakusa along Nakamise d?ri. The way is lined with colourful stalls selling all manner of souvenirs from giant rice crackers to exquisitely decorated battledores.
4. Explore Harajuku
The neighbourhood ofHarajuku is also great eye candy. Stroll ginko tree lined Omote sand? a glam boulevard of up scale boutiques housed in contemporary architecture; check out the arty explosion at funky Design Festa gallery; or pose and dance along with the youth subcultures around Yoyogi k?en(Yoyogi Park).
5. Chill out inMeiji jing
When Harajuku threatens sensory overload escape to the densely wooded grounds that envelope the capitals premier Shint? shrine Meiji jing?. Come on festival days to spot guys and gals in gorgeous kimonos.
6. Oh my Odaiba
This island of reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay is linked to the city by the Rainbow Bridge. Walk over the 918m long single span suspension bridge to or from Odaiba where weather permitting you can sunbathe on an artificialbeach and view an 11m replica of the Statue of Liberty.
7. Watch washi making
Lessons in the art of paper folding are offered for a feeat the Origami Kaikan but you can view artisans makingwashi(Japanese paper) in the workshop here and peruse the gallery for nix.
8. Do theShibuya scramble
Every few minutes a wave of humanity flowsacross Shibuya Crossing. Join the masses or stand back and watch. An ideal vantage point is the bridge corridor linking Shibuya Station with the Shibuya Mark City complex. Here you can also viewMyth of Tomorrow a monumental piece of modern art by Okamoto Tar?.
9. Advertising Museum Tokyo
One of the Tokyosmost interesting free museums is the Advertising Museum Tokyo(ADMT). The montage displays of old ads provide an illuminating visual history of commerce in Japan over the last century or so.
10. Geek culture inAkihabara
Die hard fans of Atom Boy Evangelion and Gundam will want to swing by the Tokyo Anime Centeras part of their explorations of Akihabara (aka Akiba) geek central for electronic goods emporiums maid cafes and all things anime and manga.

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