fashion designer cars in the world

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Fashion Designer Cars in the world

Best fashion branded cars that cars can make you happy.this apps gives information of Designer Cars
1. Fiat 500LVans design
The latest fashioninspired effort comes courtesy of Fiat, which has recently unveiled this, the Fiat 500LVans design concept. Read on to discover more questionable fashion partnerships. As David Bowie once sang,Ooh, fashion.
2. Fiat 500LVans design concept
According to Fiat, details from Vans original hitop shoe are echoed throughout the 500L, including vintage palmpatterned canvas, Vans logos, Vans Checkerboard pattern roof, a twotone paint job, 18inch black alloys and a roof rack with a basket and surfboard carrier.

We reckon its the most appealing Fiat 500L weve ever seen. Shame its a oneoff.
3. Aston Martin DB9 Volante Menlo Charity Horse Show
The Menlo Charity Horse Show is one of the finest professional/amateur equestrian events in the United States and is renowned for its origin and legacy of philanthropy. At least thats what it says in the press release.

This DB9 Volante is the latest work of Q by Aston Martin, the brands bespoke personalisation service, based in Gaydon. Not only is the interior finished in Saddle Tan Luxmill leather, its actuallybathed in it. Aston Martins words, not ours. A unique horse logo is embroidered on the front head restraints and rear console. It will be sold at a charity auction in California.
4. SEAT Mii by Mango
The SEAT Mii by Mango isbuilt on the belief that thinking small shouldnt mean sacrificing on style. Right.
Sadly, this isnt a fruity collaboration, rather a partnership with Spanish fashion brand, Mango. As with any fashion label, if you get up early enough on Boxing Day and wait in a queue for a couple of hours, you may pick up the Mii by Mango for 50% less than the
5. MercedesBenz CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake by Spencer Hart
Is this the longest car name in history? Its called the MercedesBenz CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake by Spencer Hart. Apparently, MercedesBenz and Spencer Hart share the same creative ethos and were keen to hook up tobring together design philosophies from the worlds of fashion and automotive engineering.

The CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake by Spencer Hart includeshues of inspiration from 1960s Funk music. Good grief. Heres Mr Hart striking his best Man at C&A pose.
6. MercedesBenz Style Pit Stop
The Style Pit Stop was a series of documentarystyle interviews, in which Reggie Yates took to the road in a MercedesBenz AClass to chat to some of thecoolest and current names in the world of music and entertainment. It was part of the brands sponsorship of London Fashion Week.

Somebody needs to tell Reggie that hes about to leave his overnight bag behind. The free toothbrushes they give you at the budget motels arent really up to much.
7. Vauxhall ADAM at London Fashion Week
In 2012, Vauxhall invited three fashion designers to conjure up their own versions of the ADAM city car.
One car featured giant heartshaped red Latex balloons strapped to the roof. This particular ADAM was last seen floating perilously close to the restricted airspace at Heathrow Airport.
8. Nissan Micra ELLE
The Nissan Micra ELLE. Not a patch on the Nissan Micra Wave. Oh, how we chortled about that one.
The problem with the ELLE which saw Nissan team up with the fashion magazine to produce 500 Micras is that the name gets lost in translation. Say you drive a Nissan Micra ELLE and people of a certain age will have visions of the baseline L models from the 1970s and 1980s. Nissan Sunny L, anyone?
9. Maserati Quattroporte Zegna
Ermenegildo Zegna is a luxury Italian fashion house. Maserati is a luxury Italian car manufacturer. When they get together to produce a limited edition Quattroporte, the results are as youd expect rather beautiful.

Only 100 Quattroporte Zegnas will be produced, with each one available in exclusive colours, materials and trim. It made its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and will be embarking on a world tour, visiting the likes of Shanghai, New York, Dubai, Milan and Croydon. OK, we made the last one up.
10. Fiat 500 You Wear app
If only I could find an app that analysed my Facebook photos to discover the colour I wear the most, before telling me what that might mean about me. Said nobody, ever.
But Fiat begs to differ. Which is why it developed an app that does just that. Naturally, it also tells you what colour Fiat 500 youre best matched with.

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