dance styles

Dance Styles

Dance is a wonderful form of expression, combining the body, mind, and spirit.
21. The Rumba
The Rumba is one of the oldest Latin Dances. The word Rumba originates from the Spanish verb 'rumbear' which means 'going to a party'. Originally it was performed by slaves. The dance is generally performed on Latin or African beats. It involves quick tempo and pelvic movements. The dress for females is a long ruffled skirt depicting a hen whereas the men wear shirts with ruffled sleeves depicting a rooster
22. The Lyrical Dance
The Lyrical Dance includes a combination of Jazz and Ballet techniques. It lays a strong emphasis on story - telling and emotions. A lyrical dancer essentially has to be a good actor who can feel the music and flow with the emotion.
23. Contemporary Dance
Contemporary dance style is a modern and expressive dance form. It requires fluidity, versatility and improvisation. It can be performed to various genres of music. It is performed barefoot and the emphasis is on floor work. It involves fluid movement of the body to express the innermost feelings of the self
24. The Bharathanatyam
The Bharathanatyam is a classical dance form originated in India. It lays emphasis on bhava, tala and raga. The dancers express through their eyes and other facial expressions. Hand movements are an integral part of the performance. It starts with prayers to Lord Ganesha and Lord Natraja. The dancers wear colourful silk costumes comprising of a 'dhoti' or a kind of pyjamas and a blouse. They wear beautiful ornaments.
25. The Merengue
The Merengue dance form hails from the Dominican Republic. It is performed by partners either holding each other in a closed position or by letting go and perform in an open position. The tempo of the music is quite fast paced but the upper body is kept straight and elegant. The performers typically take four counts/beats to complete one turn.
26. The Twist
The twist is believed to be originated from the African - American plantation sites. It is performed on rock and roll music and is very popular amongst the youth. It involves pelvic movements and shuffling foot movement.
27. The Kathak
Kathak is one of the major classical dance-forms from India. It derives its name from the word 'Katha' meaning 'story telling'. It emphasises on grace, postures, facial expressions, hand and leg movements and rhythm or 'Tala'. It started in the temples of India with the dancer offering prayers to the almighty in the form of Kathak. It is famous for its delicate nuances of expression to the accompaniment of soulful poetry in the form of 'Thumri', 'Tarana' or 'Holi'.
28. Krumping
Krumping is a free style dance form with lot of fluidity and natural body movements. It is a raw, natural form of dance which gives the expression of body and spirit. It is a street dance which got popular among the youth in the U.S. It has a lot of aggression and the dance moves are quick and jerky
29. B Boying
The B boying form of dance is influenced by the hip hop lifestyle. It evolved as part of the hip hop movement among African-American youth. It's a form of break dancing. Dancers dance to pop, hip hop or funky music. It's a fun dance form for self expression and visual art.
30. The Noh Mai Dance
It is a beautiful dance form of Japan. The music is played on flutes and hand drums. The dancers form patterns of body movements elegantly. There are many kinds of Noh Mai dances like the Chu No Mai and the Jo No Mai. The costumes of this dance are elaborate and flamboyant. The dancers wear artistic masks to enhance the characters portrayed.

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