creating comic pop art

Creating Comic Pop Art

1. Products You Will Need
  • A base coat to form the first coat on your nails

  • A top coat to apply over the base coat

  • Different and bright coloured nail polishes of your choice

  • Black and white acrylic paints

  • Nail art brushes or a thin brush to create nail art designs.
  • 2. Remember
    Acrylic paints will become long lasting and water proof when you apply a top coat
    3. Step 1
    Apply a base coat
    4. Step 2
    Now apply 2 coats of each different coloured nail polish on your nails
    5. Step 3
    Let them dry completely.
    6. Step 4
    Apply a layer of quick dry topcoat as this will help in removing the acrylic paint without disturbing the nail colour.
    7. Step 5
    Take a white acrylic color and mix some water in it
    8. Step 6
    With this mix, draw some spikes on your nails (this is marked as step 2 in the below picture. Fill in the spikes as shown in step 3.)
    9. Step 7
    Finally use a thin brush to outline the spikes with a black nail color (marked in the image as step 4).
    10. Step 8
    Follow this pattern on all your nails. You can be as creative as you can and create different designs too. Here is how it will look once you have created and filled in the spikes:

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