craziest perfume bottle

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Craziest Perfume Bottle

Some perfume bottles are so graceful, so well designed.
1. Nicki Minaj
What better way to show her love for herself than to bring out her own line of perfume which is housed in bottles that look like her? All these little Nicki Minaj clones create her perfect world.
2. Inspired by nature
A Kazakh designer by the name of Igor Mitin came up with these perfume bottles that would look great around the house as decorations whilst still serving their main function to carry perfume.
3. Environmental
Called the Leroux, this carton made bottle works as a spring when you squeeze it, perfume comes out and when you let go, it pops back up. They are also able to be flattened in order to recycle when finished with.
4. Ballerina
Former ballerina Betsey Johnson designed these perfume bottles out of the love of her former profession. Her passion for dance inspired this perfume which is known as Too Too, released in 2011.
5. Czech Glass bottle
Famous for its beauty and elegance, Czech glass was always going to be a great choice for perfume bottles appealing to those who like their perfume to look, well, beautiful and elegant. The best come adorned with stones and gems.
6. Harajaku Lovers
This one belongs to singer Gwen Stefani. Her perfumes appear to resemble cartoon girls with varying hairstyles and clothing. They are clearly very original and creative. Just dont let the young children mistakes them for toys.
7. Golden Delicious Eau de Parfum
This luxury perfume is designed only for those with way too much cash to throw around as it is priced at around one million dollars. So you might want to use it sparingly. It was never going to be a simple design with that price tag.
8. Hula Lei Heart Perfume with Carved Palm Tree
This Hawaiian theme uses vintage bottles of various styles housed in wooden designs with floral and fruit flavoured scents. This one is a great example with a palm tree design on the heart shaped carving.
9. Vintage Avon Perfume Bottles
All the lovely little things kitties, angels, goslings and even eggs have been inspirations for Avon perfumes in times gone by. These days though, in comparison to modern bottles, they look like childrens toys.
10. Golliwog Design
This is a favourite childrens hero form old British books. It makes for a pretty damn weird perfume bottle though doesnt it? A French perfume maker called Vigny made these back in the day and they are now part of a rare vintage collection.

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