best valentines day projects

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Best Valentines Day Projects

Spread the love this Valentine's Day with homemade cards, sweet decorations.
11. Valentine Wreath
Wreaths need not be typical pieces of decors for Christmas alone. These lovely decorations can be used even during the Valentine season to set the mood for the day. This picture here presents to you an idea of how you can prepare a special wreath for Valentines Day. Done up all in whites and reds, the simple but beautiful handicraft shown in the image makes for a perfect wall decoration, best representing the vibes of the day. And the Cupids arrow passing through the heart, a bright red one that too, symbolizes the passionate love the two Valentines share with each other.
12. Valentine Dinner For A Couple Of Couples
Are you planning for a double date sitdown dinner at home this Valentines Day? Then bring out this perfect VDay themed dinner set shown in the picture to serve the dainty dishes you have prepared for the four of you. Colored in white and red, the typical colors of VDay, this dinner set with its exquisite contours will certainly make the food seem tastier. And when you add some lovely decorations in the form of candles, a centerpiece and lovely place mats, then perhaps you could nothing more to make the VDay dinner a memorable meal for everyone invited to the spread.
13. Valentine Special Throw Pillow
Valentines Day is all about getting all cozy and mushy with your partner. In this context, a throw pillow would not seem out of place. Here is a lovely, cozy red and white throw pillow to gift your partner one that he/she can hold tight in their sleep only to find you roaming in their dreams. This throw pillow here is made of satiny red roses set against a satiny white backdrop that only add to the richness of its colors. Just looking at it gives you a feel of how soft and smooth the pillow would be, perhaps as soft and smooth as your beloveds lips.
14. Tree Carvings And Valentine
Remember all those days as roaming teenagers when you took great pains to carve out the initials of you and your beloved on trees and every other surface possible? Then revisit those days with your partner this Valentines Day by gifting her or him a treecarved Valentines Day gift as shown in the picture here. But do not just restrict yourself just to the carving. Add some flourish to your gift by including some background decorations and there is no doubt that your longstanding beloved will remember this day and that day when you first carved the initials of the two of your on a tree near your school.
15. Garland Your Valentine With Hearts
Bits of felt cloth of different colors and some skills in stitching can help you create a wonderful Valentines Day gift a garland of hearts in red, pink and white, just like the one shown in the picture here. Simply cut the cloth pieces in heart shape, stitch them up, stuff a bit of cotton inside to give a 3D effect and add a patch or two of the remaining colors. Then attach all the hearts stitched in this manner in a string and voila what you have is a great heartshaped garland to gift your girlfriend this Valentines Day.
16. Fancy V Day Utensil Holder
This Valentines Day you have planned a perfect dinner for your partner. You have decided to bring out your best crockery, have decided upon the flower decoration for the table and have even zeroed in on the napkins and table cloth you will be using. The cutlery is all set in place too, but is how they are going to be placed on the table finalized? If not, this picture should give you an idea how you could. Make a lovely bright red colored burlap utensil holder with two colors, red and white and a bit of string threaded to it. Then place the knife, fork and spoon in them and watch how the holder ups the dcor of your table by several notches.
17. Conversation Blocks To Strike Conversations With Your New Beloved
So you want to propose to your crush this Valentines Day but do not know how to strike up a conversation. This picture here is an answer to your prayers. Use these conversation blocks to strike up a dialogue with the one you have secretly admired for so long. Let these blocks convey your passionate feelings for her. And to make this, you do not have to sweat at all. Just take some wooden blocks, color them up in VDay hues and write down the words that best represent the universal day of love. Gift these to your crush and watch how the conversation flows endlessly soon after.
18. A Pocket Pillow And A Treat Bag Heart shaped
If you are good with the needle and the thread, then there is no limit to what you can create as gift items for any and every occasion including the Valentines Day. This image is one example with what you can make out of your sewing skills a heartshaped treat bag and pocket pillow for the universal day of love. Note the way the patterns and colors have been contrasted and combined. Not only does this pair make for a cute VDay gift, but a damn useful one too. And rest assured that when your beloved receives these gifts, every time he/she uses it, they are sure to remember you.
19. White Pallet Heart
So you have wooden shims lying around in your garage appearing quite wasted. But the picture here should give you a brand new idea for converting this waste into a Valentines Day wealth. Just clean up a few of those shims, bring out your paints and brushes and get set to work. Color those shims in the colors of love a bright red and a peaceful white, paint in an image of a beautiful heart across the laid out shims, put together the shims in a line and voila, what you have is a wonderful piece of dcor that will perfectly convey to your beloved the passionate love you have for her.
20. V Day Place Cards
So your Valentines Day special dinner is all ready and steaming in the pots. The table is all set, with your best crockery, a matching tablecloth and some lovely flower decorations just like the one shown in the picture. But theres only thing missing. Check out the image once again. Have you spotted whats missing? Yes, its that pretty pink place card. So grab some craft paper and create a lovely place card, pronto. Do not forget to draw in the heart shape after all this is THE shape and theme of Valentines Day. There, that should make the dinner all the more personalized and pleasant for your partner.

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