best sports team nicknames

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Best Sports Team Nicknames

Here's a list to consider to get the one name that fits your team best.
51. The Lords of Flatbush
This old school nickname remembers the Dodgers when they played in Brooklyn in the neighborhood of Flatbush. The Lords unfortunately had to head for the hills of Los Angeles and more cash, but you can still find some classic Dodgers tees on Flatbush Avenue.
52. The Brew Crew
The Milwaukee Brewers, based in the beer capital of America, even have a blade of wheat on their team logo. At least they are honest about their embrace of America s other favorite pastime. A catchy name for the beloved baseball team of Milwaukee.
53. The Bronx Bombers
A nickname used to refer to the New York Yankees, which came about due to the teams location in the Bronx borough and the focus on home runs as part of their offensive strategy.The nickname was originally coined in 1936 by Daniel Daniels who wrote for New York World Telegram. The Yankees were originally known as the New York Highlanders before changing their name to the Yankees in 1913. Other nicknames for the New York Yankees include the Yanks, the Bombers, the Pinstripes, the Evil Empire, and the Bronx Zoo.
54. Gang Green
Not sure if this is a term of endearment for the New York Jets or a warning for Plaxico to keep an eye on that leg injury. Gang Green was also shared by the Philadelphia Eagles from 1987 90. Maybe it s contagious.
55. Dirty Birds
The nickname started during the 1998 season when the Atlanta Falcons made it all the way to the Super Bowl but lost to the John Elway led Denver Broncos. There s also a Dirty Bird dance that makes you wonder if you are at a football game or a wedding. It seems both matrimony and pigskin are blessed by the universal force motivating people to dance like a bird, no matter how ridiculous it looks.

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