awesome things you should know before visiting london

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Awesome Things You Should Know Before Visiting London

11. Awesome Things 11
In 1251 the King of Norway gave King Henry III a polar bear. The king kept it on a really long chain in the Tower of London so it could swim in the river
12. Awesome Things 12
During the 18th century people would pay to watch inmates at Bedlam Asylum. And on Tuesdays entry was free.
13. Awesome Things 13
The City of London actually has less than 8,000 residents and is one of the smallest cities in the UK. Greater London includes all of the districts surrounding the City. Its population is in the millions and is what people think of when they hear the word London even though it is not technically a city.
14. Awesome Things 14
Rudolf Walter Richard Hež, a Nazi politician was the last prisoner to be held at both the Tower of London and Spandau Prison in Germany.
15. Awesome Things 15
A London Burger King sells a $200 burger that includes ingredients like white truffle
16. Awesome Things 16
In order to prevent people from texting during movies the Prince Charles Cinema hired ninjas that stood in the back of the theatre and scared people who were being disruptive
17. Awesome Things 17
London is a minority majority city. This is because as of 2011 less than half of the population is white (49.9%).
18. Awesome Things 18
The 1908 Russian Olympic team didn t get to London on time because they hadn t yet switched to using the Gregorian calendar
19. Awesome Things 19
In order to become a taxi driver in London you have to memorize every single street and pass a test called The Knowledge . It allegedly takes several years to memorize the entire city.
20. Awesome Things 20
The scientist that designed the V2 rocket for the Germans (Wernher Von Braun) always wanted to go to space. Unfortunately, his rocket was instead used as a weapon. After the bombing of London he was famous for noting that the rocket worked perfectly except for landing on the wrong planet

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