avataars of lord shiva

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Avataars of Lord Shiva

41. Yaksheshwar
After defeating the demons and driking Amrit the deities very arrogant. Lord Shiva was very concerned about their arrogant nature. He went to them in the guise of a Yaksha. He asked as to what was it that had made them so arrogant. The deities replied that their arrogance stemmed from victory over the demons. Lord Shiva who was disguised as Yaksha replied Your pride is based on false notion, because you did not achieve victory due to somebodys grace and blessing.
42. Yaksheshwar 1
Lord Shiva then asked them to cut the grass if they considered themselves so mighty. He then kept a grass leaf in front of them. Each of the deities tried to cut that grass with their respective weapons but remained unsuccessful in their attempts. Suddenly a heavenly voice was heard which said that the Yaksha was none other than Lord Shiva himself. The deities realized their mistakes and apologized to lord Shiva.
43. Avdhut avatar
With this avatar, Lord Shiva had crushed the ego of Lord Indra.

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