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Accessories for Girls

Check out must have accessories for girls at Justice: from stylish girls accessories & jewelry .
21. Anklets that made a noise as you walked
An anklet, also called ankle chain or ankle bracelet, is an ornament worn around the ankle.Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for centuries by girls and women in India, where it is commonly known as payal.They have also been worn by Egyptian women since predynastic times.In the United States both casual and more formal anklets became fashionable in the late twentieth century.While in western popular culture both younger men and women may wear casual leather anklets, they are popular among barefoot women.Formal anklets (of silver, gold, or beads) are used by some women as fashion jewellery.Anklets are an important piece of jewellery in Indian marriages worn along with saris.
22. Shag bands
Shag bands are jelly bracelets that come in all different colors.If someone snaps or breaks the Shag band then the person who snapped it has to do what the shag band means with the person who is wearing it.If snapped a yellow band with friend and yellow stands for a hug,would have to hug friend.
23. Butterfly hair clips
Stylish butterfly clips to hold back your hair.Affordable price and bulk packaging to fill lots of party favor bags.72 Hair clips per unit. Little girls love to have makeover parties.Celebrate with fun hair accessories to create new looks.These popular hair accessories make great Princess or girl themed party favors.
24. Scarves worn as headbands
Start with a giant top knot.You can make a messy top knot or follow my top knot tutorial which works even if you do not have a lot of hair.Fold your scarf into a long strip diagonally.My scarf is approx 80cm square but you can use a rectangular scarf too.Tie your scarf around your head, making a double knot at the front.Twist the ends and tuck them into the rest of the headband.
This is so simple and easy and a great way to keep layers off your face.If you use a longer scarf you can tie it again at the back and tuck the ends in, or let them hang loose.
25. Ring watches
Ring Clock is a beautiful marriage of the ring and the watch.You will be rewarded with the time, when you play with this wonderful gadget.
26. Healing bracelets
These are for gift purpose and Give a meaningful gift that is not only beautiful and healing but helps rescue and support many deserving horses.
27. Skinny scarves
Put the scarf around the back of your neck with the ends to the front.Fold one end over the other two times.Take this same end up through the back and through the loop you created.Pull the ends taunt.
28. Indianstyle bangles
Group of ivory cuffs and bangles, some with henna all clad with old style silver work.Most were added later after the use of them traditionaly for easier wear by non Indians.
29. Chopsticks in your hair
If you are using this style on a day with lots of running or just a normal day, remember to use bobby pins and regularly go into the toilet to check if your hair has gone loose or the chopstick has dropped!Decorate the chopsticks for added effect.You can paint them, stick sequins or rhinestones on them or even drill a small hole and thread through sparkly crystal beads or small, dainty objects that weigh very little and tie them into place.Of course, only add decorative elements to the end that does not get pushed through your hair.
30. Wooden bangles
Fashion vintage national carving hollowed wood bangles 9 pcs set bangles set,12 pcs set bangles set,40 pcs set bangles set are available for your fashion.

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