worlds deadliest martial arts

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Worlds Deadliest Martial Arts

Deadliest Martial Arts. Some martial arts are designed to hone the mind and body.

One of the younger martial arts styles on our list, Taekwondo originated in Korea in the 1940 s and 1950 s. An Olympic sport since the 2000 games in Sydney, Taekwondo is known for its high kicks and rapid fire jumping and spinning kicks. This powerful and dangerous martial art began once Korean martial artists living in Japan during its occupation of the Korean peninsula returned home after World War II. They established their own schools (kwans) with individuals styles which at the request of South Korean President Syngman Rhee were merged into a unified Korean martial art.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Kalari Payat
Muay Thai
Kapu Ku ialua
Rough and Tumble
San Soo
Wing Chun
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