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Robert Louis Stevenson

Weird Stories

Weird Stories may refer to a recounting of a sequence of events.
Robert Louis Stevenson

Granted, Robert Louis Stevenson isnt a household name, but you probably know him for his hit novel Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. What you probably dont know is that he wrote the novel on cocaine and then gave it to his wife for review. After his wife stated that the book was an allegory, and that he should write it as such, Stevenson burned it so that he could force himself to write it according to his wifes feedback. Speaking of his wife, Fanny Osbourne met Robert Louis Stevenson while she was in Paristhey fell in love, and she became his muse. When Fanny had to return home to America, Stevenson saved up for three years to see her again so that they could be together. Thats one determined man.

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