ways to waste less food

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Skip the Keurig

Ways To Waste Less Food

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Skip the Keurig

Investing in Keurig is never the right option. The extravagance of Keurig can never be under rated. The disposable pods are never worth your money. Their main product being the K cup which is a singe use coffee brewing set up. Each cup is nothing but a plastic container containing ground coffee beans and a coffee filter. All well packed and sealed in an airtight plastic and foil cover. Now they even sell the Vue packs which can be emptied and recycled. But avoiding it and using the reusable filter will avoid a lot of wastage. Buy a machine that supports reusable filter.

Break your bananas apart and increase their counter life
Make a grocery list
Watch out for the Bulk Trap
Reorganize your fridge on the reg
When all else fails compost
Hang onions in pantyhose and they will last for up to eight months
Extend your breads life with a celery stalk
Add cheese rinds to soups and sauces for extra flavor
Make frozen fruit and vegetables your new best friend
Save leftover wine in the freezer
Tupperware Not just an excuse for parties
Find out how you can compost in your city
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