valentines day dessert recipes

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Double chocolate brownies

Valentines Day Dessert Recipes

The Valentine's Day dessert recipes perfect for your loved ones.
Double chocolate brownies

Ive baked these brownies more than once. Ive perfected them over a period of time and they couldnt be more easier. The entire process of getting everything together took less than 5 minutes. Honest truth. Straight Face. From my Heart. It would be a crime if you finished reading this post and did not bake em. P Better yet, the ingredients are so readily available in any part of the world that you wouldnt be able to come up with the excuse of non availability. Double Chocolate Brownies. As the name suggests, this brownie is twice chocolatized. Once, by adding cocoa powder and then by adding melted chocolate. If youve never eaten a brownie, let me take you through the experience of eating one. While hot, it is crisp and crumbly on the outside and soft yet dense inside. But heres the best part. You chill it overnight; and what you have the next day is this incredibly dense, chocolaty, fudgy piece of brownie. What makes a Brownie, a brownie and not chocolate cake is the proportion of flour fat sugar. Brownies have relatively less flour and more chocolate as compared to chocolate cake; and are hence, much denser. But a lot more tastier than chocolate cakes.

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