valentines day dessert recipes

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Instant chocolate mousse

Valentines Day Dessert Recipes

The Valentine's Day dessert recipes perfect for your loved ones.
Instant chocolate mousse

This mousse tastes like delicious air. Such is the awesomeness of this almost intangible delight that you can forgive yourself for making this again and again and again.This recipe is egg free. But it does call for Marshmallows. Now, the regular marshmallows you get in any general store isnt vegetarian. It is made with gelatin. If youre okay with that, then no worries. If not, what you can do is go to a vegan specialty store and purchase those marshmallows, order them from Amazon OR make them yourselves at home tutorial coming up soon.

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Double chocolate brownies
Strawberry marshmallow pudding
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3 ingredient chocolate bars
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Microwave caramel sauce
Vegetarian panna cotta with strawberry coulis
Fudgemallow cookies
Salted peanut nutella puppy chow
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