tips to get ready for xmas

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Decorate Decorate everything

Tips to get ready for xmas

The word Christmas comes from the old English Cristes maesse meaning Christs Mass.
Decorate Decorate everything

As much as I hate walking through the aisles of CVS in October and seeing decorations for holidays inappropriately far in advance, I believe its also important to stock up on these decorations for when the actual holiday rolls around. And do not limit yourself to decorating your house. Decorate cookies. Decorate the sidewalk with Christmas chalk drawings. Decorate your face with red and green makeup. Decorate your soul with the Christmas spirit.

Bake cookies as needed
Decorate Decorate everything
Family cookbook
Give away treasures
Practice Saying No and Offer an Alternative When Necessary
Back to school sales
Create a gift list idea for other people
Start a Christmas Club account at a bank or credit union
Go caroling
Start a countdown
Schedule December
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