tips to get ready for study abroad

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Study and Travel Abroad Programs

Tips to get ready for Study Abroad

Study Abroad is a program in which students attend school in a country outside the United States .
Study and Travel Abroad Programs

Of course, application to study abroad or participate in global exchange is typically accomplished through schools, communities or non-profit organizations. For example, the 1.2 million member Rotary International reports that it sends about 8,000 young men and women to 80 countries each year. Why so popular? Rotarys network of 32,000 clubs keeps costs down as it matches students with local chapters and host families. International Student Exchange Programs, or ISEP, features access to a worldwide network of 300 higher education institutions in more than 50 countries to provide an affordable and meaningful global learning experience. AFS-USA (formerly American Field Service) facilitates intercultural learning and exchange in more than 40 countries around the world through independent AFS nonprofits, leveraging an impressive network of volunteers and administrative infrastructure. And, 50,000 students have participated in the well-known People to People global ambassador program since its inception over 50 years ago. This summer alone, People to People plans to fund $1 million in scholarships and tuition credits to support summer study abroad.

Invest in smart travel strategies
Determine the best way to communicate and do this well in advance of the trip
Pack carefully
Discuss safety and emergency plan
Get the insider info
Set up a bank account
Be determined and persistent
When you arrive treat your jet lag if you have any Then go ahead and explore the town
Get familiar with your routes
Stay positive do not panic
Learning the Ropes of Global Exchange
Pack thinking about mix and matching
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