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The Pool Gems Tips Tricks and Secrets



1.A session with an experienced and qualified instructor can be very helpful to players at all levels.

2.Make sure your stance is stable, provides clearance for the stroke, and is comfortable.

3.Keep your grip relaxed during the entire stroke.

4.Make sure you bridge is stable and still during your stroke .

5.Use a bridge length appropriate for you and a particular shot .

6.Keep your cue still and eyes quiet when checking your cue alignment and aim .

7.Don t rush the transition between the final back stroke and forward stroke .

8.Don t drop your elbow during the stroke into the ball .

9.Stay down on the shot ... don t move your head or body during the stroke .

10.Don t use more speed than is appropriate for a given shot.


Safety Play
Cue Ball Control
Break Shot
Masse Shot
Position Control
Speed Control
Bank and Kick Shots
Draw Shot
Jump Shot
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