the best bulletproof cars

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RollsRoyce Phantom V1 Limousine

The Best Bulletproof Cars

these are a few of the best bulletproof vehicles you can buy today.
RollsRoyce Phantom V1 Limousine

Having a very exclusive clientele does mean RollsRoyce is a little reticent about giving away too much information on exactly what is used in their cars to protect the rich and famous that travel in them. Then again, knowing all their cars are made bespoke it is a fair assumption it will kit its vehicles out with whatever the customer wants.

From the very early days you could opt for an armoured Roller take this Phantom V1 Limousine. Even today customers can specify their longwheelbase Phantom with allround Kevlar armour, a pair of matching 18carat gun mounts or a diamond encrusted pepper spray holder.

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