rules to play synchronized swimming

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Competition events

Rules to play Synchronized Swimming

Competition events

There are four main categories of competition

Solos (where an individual swimmer will synchronise with the music). Duets (where a swimmer co ordinates with their partner and in time to the music). Teams (where the swimmer co ordinates with up to seven other athletes and in time to the music). Combo (a team routine where up to ten swimmers perform in one continuous routine but during the routine there will be segments where different numbers of swimmers will perform. Teams normally contain eight swimmers, but the minimum number for a team is four. Teams lose marks for every swimmer they have under the full complement because it is easier to synchronise the less people there are in a routine! Currently, only the duet and team competitions are included in the Olympic Games (although the Solo competition featured in the 1984, 1988 and 1992 Olympics)

In most senior competitions, swimmers will perform two routines for the judges, one technical and one free. The technical routine involves performing predetermined elements that must be executed in a specific order. The free routine has no requirements so the swimmers can be free in how creative they get with the movements and their choreography.

There are also competitions called Figures for junior swimmers where they perform set movements to the judges. There is no music and this is simply a case of how well the individual performs the movements.

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