rules to play rubiks cube

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C edges

Rules to play Rubiks Cube

Rubik's Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle,Originally called the Magic Cube.
C edges

At this stage, all U and D edges (except perhaps the exchange required at the end of last section) have been settled. Physically rotate the cube sideways to view the remaining four M edges as C edges.w that both the the R and L faces (ie the original U and D faces) have been (largely) settled, we shift to a new paradigm. Regard these two faces as two metal plates with the C slice in between. Only this C slice have edges to be solved. They can always be solved with either of the following algorithms with suitable conjugates of Cn.

Noting that C moves one C edge to another, EM3

Permute the corners
The Strategy of 8 Corners
Conservation Laws
Optimize your system
Try speed solving
Basis Algorithms
Try to solve small parts of the cube
Last U D edges
Solve the cross
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