rules to play roller soccer

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Fouls and misconduct

Rules to play Roller Soccer

Fouls and misconduct

a Chargingsliding tackles are forbidden.
b A skater making contact with the ground with any part of the body other than their skates is no longer considered part of the game. The skater may rejoin the game once they return to skate only contact with the ground.
c A skater who unfairly impedes the progress of an opponent when not playing the ball shall be penalised by the awarding of an indirect free kick.
d A skater who is sent off shall be automatically banned for the following match. No substitute is allowed for a skater dismissed for misconduct during the game in which the offence occurred. Violent conduct may result in a ban of more matches.
e Yellowred cards may be awarded by the match referee for any of points a, b, c or d. Cards may also be handed out for deliberate handball or dissent.

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Free kicks
Fouls and misconduct
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