rules to play racquetball

Rally with your opponent

Rules to play Racquetball

Rally with your opponent

Rallies are any continuous pass of the ball after it has been served. Rallies are generally won when the opposing player makes a poor return by allowing the ball to skip on the ground twice or hitting the ball against the floor without first hitting the front wall.A rally can also be lost when a a player switches racquet hands during a rally, carries or slings the ball with the racquet, touches the ball with their body, or causes the ball to leave the gallery.Points are awarded when a rally is won. The games are played to fifteen points and the matches are generally best two out of three.A replay hinder occurs when a player stops play because they are concerned they may injure another player. The last rally will then be replayed.

Starting Play
Additional Rule 6 3 Front Wall Lines
Understand the objective and rules
Get your grip straight
Shot types
Know about fault serves
Begin the game by serving the ball
Illegal Racquet
Racquet Length
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