rules to play quad biking

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Quad bike use

Rules to play Quad Biking

Quad bike use

Riders of all ages are at risk of death. The age range of those who have died broadly reflects the age distribution of farmers. The majority of those who have died were quad bike operators, however passengers and bystanders are also at risk. The majority of fatal quad bike incidents involve males, but females are also at risk. Quad bike related deaths are associated with a wide range of work activities in agriculture and horticulture. A significant number of on farm deaths are associated with recreational activities on farms. There is a propensity for quad bikes to roll over and cause serious injury or death to operators. Incorrect loading of the quad bike has been associated with rollover deaths. Terrain, slope and surface appear to play key roles in quad bike related deaths. The head and chest are the most common body parts injured. Most of these injuries are caused by crushing between the quad bike and the ground or other surface, while others occur when operators are flung onto hard surfaces in a crash. Most injuries and deaths involve the head and cervical spine, crush injuries and asphyxia.

Crash helmets
Registration and licensing
Quad bike maintenance
Loads and attachments
Training and supervision
Using a quad bike off road
Operating a quad bike
Liquid loads and tanks
Farm quad bike operating rules
Communication systems
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