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Continuing play

Rules to play One Pocket Pool


Continuing play

  • 1. A players inning continues only as long they pocket a ball or balls in their own pocket on a legal stroke. While it is perfectly legal to pocket a ball in a neutral pocket or in the opponents pocket, doing so does not entitle the shooter to continue their inning, unless on the same stroke they legally pocket a ball into their own pocket. Any balls pocketed either accidentally or intentionally into the opponents pocket are counted for the opponent, unless on the same stroke, either the cue ball pocket scratches or jumps off the table.

  • 2. In the event that a player pockets both their own game winning ball, and their opponents game winning ball, both on the same legal stroke, then the shooting player wins. There are no ties, and it does not matter which ball drops first, as long as they both drop as a result of the same stroke.

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