rules to play logrolling

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Mounting the key log from deep water

Rules to play Logrolling

Mounting the key log from deep water

To get on the Key Log, stand on either side of the Key Log and place your hands on top of the log. Throw your outside leg over the Key Log, a motion similar to getting on a horse. Always face toward the center line think of the center of the log as being the head of the horse. If you are small, put your arm on the top of the log while the log holder turns the Key Log to spin you up to the top. Place your hands in front of your body and place your feet behind you on the Key Log. As you are standing up, its important to look at the opposite end of the Key Log, not at your own feet. Quickly hop up and face perpendicular to the Key Log. This should be done in one swift motion. Often, people have a tendency to stand up slowly by moving first to their knees and shins, one at a time, before standing up. It should be done a swift motion. Keep your knees bent to maintain better balance. Practice standing up and taking the correct body stance, doing it many times.

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