rules to play kite flying

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Highest flying angle

Rules to play Kite Flying

Highest flying angle

This contest is designed to see which kites fly the best.
Contestants launch their kites together and fly them to whatever height they like. Usually judges set a minimum 10 feet and a maximum 100 feet. At the end of a set amount of time, judges determine which kite is flying at the highest angle.
The judges can use a protractor to measure either the angle of the kite line at the fliers hand, or by looking along the protractor toward the kite.
The main criteria is how well a kite flies in a particular wind. Other factors include height since winds differ at different low altitudes, and flying line since line weight creates sag and drag on the kite.

Watch the Weather
Unwind about 20 meters
Pick the right day
Beware of Animals
Light wind
Find a buddy
Kite fighting rule
Signal to your buddy to release the kite
The line
Kite fighting accidents
Wear protective gear
Hold the ball
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