rules to play kite flying

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Music and Kite Flying

Rules to play Kite Flying

Music and Kite Flying

Dont be afraid to try something new. The only thing besides the kite I make my class bring with them is music. Be it a CD player, AM FM radio, a boom box, or MP3 My personal choice, you need music! Whether your music is soothing or really rocks you, it doesnt matter. Music creates a rhythmic beat. When your whole body reacts to the rhythm you wont crash your kite as often as those who fly without music. Now pretend you are putting on a show for your family and friends. Use big movements and Paint the Sky! Im Lovin it. Come on, lets go fly a kite.

Find a buddy
Pick your kite
Kite fighting rule
No helper
Watch the Weather
Release the length of string
Highest flying angle
Stand with your back to the wind
Signal to your buddy to release the kite
If the kite sinks tail first
Hold the ball
Kite fighting accidents
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