rules to play jai alai

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Jai alai baskets

Rules to play Jai Alai

Jai alai baskets

Frontcourt and backcourt baskets available by request. Formally used by pro players like Elgueta, Tello, Chasio II, Coya, Chauderon, Jimbo, Arriaga, Txinbo and many others. All baskets are available in all types of condition and prices. Must be purchased in person, cash only. No shipments due the the nature of used baskets. All sales final. No returns. Need 24 hour notice all sales made on location at the St. Pete Cancha when Jeff

Players or teams
The serve
Playing rotation
Rotation position
Jai alai baskets
Customs of play
Hard white plastic ball
The pelota
The cesta
Jai Alai action
In case of four or six ties
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