rules to play aquatics

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Drop slide

Rules to play Aquatics

Drop slide

1. Users must have passed swim test for the managers.
2. Riders must remain seated or on their back with arms in and legs together, feet first while on slide.
3. Riders must exit area immediately by using stairs on the left.
4. No glasses, sunglasses, goggles or other foreign objects may be worn down the slides.
5. Riders must wait for slide attendants signal or green light to flash to proceed down the slide.
6. Only one patron at a time will be allowed down the slide.
7. Maximum of 3 riders on top landing with 2 on each additional landing.
8. No running up or down steps.
9. Swimsuits must be free of all exposed metal such as rivets, buckles, snaps, zippers, and pockets must be empty.
10. Rider assumes all risk of injury due to misuse of slide and failure to follow posted rules or staff instructions.
11. Stopping in flume is prohibited.
12. 300 lb. weight limit per person.
13. Water depth: 12 feet deep

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