rare flowers that are stunning to look at

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Rare Flowers That Are Stunning To Look At

When spring is in full swing, there is no denying how beautiful the world looks.

Campion or silene tomentosa only found in the territory of British called Gibrartal. Campion is a weak fragrance evening blooming flower with shorter life span. Interestingly in 1992 the botonical section of Gibratal officially declared that there is no elements of campion flowers left and species became extinct. But after two year in 1994 a climber at cliffs of Gibratal found that the Campion flowers are still exist in inhospitable environments. Today Campion flowers are only found in botanical gardens of Gibratal and London in very few numbers.

Middlemist Red
Kadupul Flower
Kokia Cookei
Ghost Orchid
Saffron Crocus
Bleeding Heart
Cape Sundew
Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers
Night Blooming Cereus
Attenboroughs Pitcher Plant
Youtan Poluo
Parrots beak
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