precautions while using nail paint

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Use nail stickers

Precautions while using Nail Paint

A few safety precautions you must know before you start doing your Nail Paint.
Use nail stickers

Nail stickers are super easy to apply and are available in an endless array of shapes, colors and designs. All you need to do do is carefully remove the adhesive backing (or in some cases apply a little nail glue) and press the sticker firmly onto the nail for 10 20 seconds to attach. Little jewel stickers, like the ones shown in the picture above, are popular and can be purchased at most drug stores. It can be helpful to use a tweezers to apply these stickers, as the tweezers will prevent you from dropping the sticker and prevent the sticker from attaching itself to your finger.

Use nail stickers
What are the non toxic Nail Polish brands
Nail Polish
Rub the bottle between your hands to warm the nail polish for about 25 30 seconds
Top coat
Working in a nail salon exposes workers to many different chemicals each day
Apply a second coat
nail polish are not undisputed
Wash your hands in the water and massage the skin around your nails
Try other nail painting ideas
Crystallize your nails
Do color blocking
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