precautions while using centrifuge

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A ThermoFisher laboratory bench top centrifuge

Precautions while using Centrifuge

these procedures for working with a centrifuge safely.
A ThermoFisher laboratory bench top centrifuge

Protocols for centrifugation typically specify the amount of acceleration to be applied to the sample, rather than specifying a rotational speed such as revolutions per minute. The acceleration is often quoted in multiples of g, the acceleration due to gravity at the Earth s surface. This distinction is important because two rotors with different diameters running at the same rotational speed will subject samples to different accelerations.

Inner safety lids
High speed centrifuges
General precautions
Warrantie details
Know your rotors and maintain a log book
Protective inner safety lid
Maintenance Procedures for Centrifuges
After centrifugation
Specific guidance
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