portrait photography tips for beginners

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You re missing out on half of your model

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

You re missing out on half of your model

No, I don t mean that you could be shooting twice as many people. I mean that there is a whole other side of your clients that you aren t shooting at all. What s that side? The back side. Shots of the subject walking away from the camera, or of the subject s body turned away from the camera and head facing the camera can be quite compelling.

Buy a few scarves
Spot metering is your friend
Contrast clothing and location
Get involved in photography
Use the correct focus mode
Try a silhouette
Find interesting looking models
Check for sharpness on the eyelashes
Soften your on camera flash
When shooting for clients write their name on a sticky note and put it on the back of your camera
KISS your model
Window light
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