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Ice Cream

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Ice Cream

It's hard to resist ice cream. But premium ice creams have about 15 grams or more fat per 1/2 cup serving.

  • Sweet news here: Many well known brands Dreyers/Edy's, Breyers, and Haagen-Dazs are making super-creamy "light" and "slow-churned" ice creams that cut lots of fat and calories. Read labels carefully. Plain flavors like chocolate and vanilla have about 100 calories per half-cup, while other flavors are 120 to 130 calories even 250 calories per serving.

  • Another option: "If kids get a Fudgsicle or Popsicle, they ll be dodging lots of fat and sugar," Krieger says. In fact, Fudgsicles now come in fat-free or low-fat, no sugar added versions. Popsicles are fat free, even sugar-free if you want. And both have built in portion control, she adds.

  • Make your own frozen fruit pops. Buy molds and sticks at a crafts store. Pour in your favorite fruit juice (with fruit chunks, if you want), and freeze. Its an easy yummy treat for a hot summer day.

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