most scenic train rides in the world

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Kyushu Seven Stars Japan

Most Scenic Train Rides in the World

Some of the world's most beautiful destinations are also home to scenic train rides traversing .
Kyushu Seven Stars Japan

We British love trains. We invented them, have written poems about them, and adore films featuring them. As long as its not the 8.10 commuter train into London Bridge, trains make us feel timelessly elegant. Such is the transformative power of travel in reality I may be just another scruffy Brit carrying too many bags but, in my head, Im Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot, mincing down the platform with a ukulele. The Kyushu Seven Stars aims to rival luxury train journeys such as the Orient Express, and theyve thrown everything at it. Theres handcrafted woodwork and delicate art throughout. There are musicians, magicians and on board staff who have spent a year in pre launch training. There are showers lined with aromatic hinoki cypress wood, ceramic sinks inspired by Satsuma porcelain, bamboo blinds and shoji, Japanese paper screens.

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Kyushu Seven Stars Japan
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