most expensive motorcycles

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1939 Crocker Big Tank twin

Most Expensive Motorcycles

the Titanium Series the Ti XX is billed as the most expensive motorcycle in the world.
1939 Crocker Big Tank twin

US$302,500 One of the rarest of all American motorcycles, roughly one hundredCrocker V twinswere produced between 1936 and 1942 when the war effort saw the company turn its attention to making aircraft parts. Conceived as performance cruisers, they significantly outperformed the Harley Davidsons and Indians of the day, and they are now among the most desirable collector machines in the world. A modern dayCrocker Motorcycle Companynow makes parts and supplies whole motorcycles in kit form.

1894 Roper Steam Motorcycle
1928 Windhoff 746cc Four
1949 Vincent Rapide w Blacknell Bullet Sidecar
1922 Brough Superior SS80
1949 Vincent Black Lightning Supercharged
1894/1895 Hildebrand & Wolfm
1926 Brough Superior SS100 Alpine Grand Sports
1915 Indian 8 valve Racer
1957 Gilera 500cc GP Racer Re creation
1928 Coventry Eagle Flying 8
1915 Militaire Four
1911 Minneapolis Model N Tricar
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