most amazing tree tunnels

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Ginkgo Tree Tunnel Japan

Most Amazing Tree Tunnels

Most beautiful, romantic and amazing tunnels made of beautiful flowering trees.
Ginkgo Tree Tunnel Japan

Ginkgo Tree Tunnel is covered with Ginkgo Biloba trees. It is a highly revered tree of Japanese culture because this tree is known to survive long years. If you visit Japan, you will spot more than 65,000 Ginkgo trees growing on the streets, gardens or parks. Ginkgo tree tunnel is located in the outer garden of Meiji Shrine. Record says that during the bombing of Hiroshima, six Ginkgo trees survived, when other trees and living organisms died so badly. Those trees are still alive and many people come here to visit them. They wonder how these trees face challenges everyday and still endure. The Japanese look upon these trees as the ?bearer of hope? or ?the survivor? or ?the living fossil?.

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