jogging tips and guidelines

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The New Shoes Rule

Jogging Tips and Guidelines

Jogging Tips and Guidelines
The New Shoes Rule

Replace running shoes once theyve covered 400 to 500 miles. But even before they have that much wear, says Warren Greene, Runners World gear editor, buy a new pair and rotate them for a while. Dont wait until your only pair is trashed. Consider shoes trashed when the spring is gone. The Exception A shoes wear rate can vary, depending on the type of shoe, your weight, your footstrike pattern, and the surfaces you run on.

The New Shoes Rule
The 2 Day Rule
Use good equipment
Dont eat breakfast before jogging
The best time for jogging
Be Patient
The Hard Easy Rule
Dont skip your cooldown
The Conversation Rule
The Specificity Rule
The Up Beats Down Rule
The Dont Just Run Rule
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