Suffering quotes
We all choke.

- Strange, Curtis
Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

- Yoda
A man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary.

- Seneca
Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

- Helen Keller
We need not only a purpose in life to give meaning to our existence but also something to give meaning to our suffering. We need as much something to suffer for as something to live for.

- Hoffer, Eric
On the Cross God has sanctified suffering, pain, and sorrow, and made them holy; as holy as health and strength and happiness are.

- National Sermons. 1851.
I have suffered too much in this world not to hope for another.

- Rousseau, Jean Jacques
We cannot live, suffer or die for somebody else, for suffering is too precious to be shared.

- Edward Dahlberg
No human beings more dangerous than those who have suffered for a belief: the great persecutors are recruited from the martyrs not quite beheaded. Far from diminishing the appetite for power, suffering exasperates it.

- Cioran, E. M.
Feminist art is not some tiny creek running off the great river of real art. It is not some crack in an otherwise flawless stone. It is, quite spectacularly I think, art which is not based on the subjugation of one half of the species. It is art which will take the great human themes --love, death, heroism, suffering, history itself --and render them fully human. It may also, though perhaps our imaginations are so mutilated now that we are incapable even of the ambition, introduce a new theme, one as great and as rich as those others --should we call it joy?

- Dworkin, Andrea
If suffer we must, let's suffer on the heights.

- Victor Hugo
No matter how long we exist, we have our memories. Points in time which time itself cannot erase. Suffering may distort my backward glances, but even to suffering, some memories will yield nothing of ther beauty or their splendor. Rather they remain as hard as gems.

- Anne Rice
Concerning God, freewill and destiny: Of all that earth has been or yet may be, all that vain men imagine or believe, or hope can paint or suffering may achieve, we descanted.

- Shelley, Percy Bysshe
People often write me and ask how I keep my wood floors so clean when I live with a child and a dog, and my answer is that I use a technique called Suffering From a Mental Illness.

- Heather Armstrong
We are threatened with suffering from three directions: from our own body, which is doomed to decay and dissolution and which cannot even do without pain and anxiety as warning signals; from the external world, which may rage against us with overwhelming and merciless forces of destruction; and finally from our relations to other men. The suffering which comes from this last source is perhaps more painful than any other.

- Freud, Sigmund
Pain hardens, and great pain hardens greatly, whatever the comforters say, and suffering does not ennoble, though it may occasionally lend a certain rigid dignity of manner to the suffering frame.

- Byatt, Antonia S.
Suffering is part of the divine idea.

- Beecher, Henry Ward
Every age, every culture, every custom and tradition has its own character, its own weakness and its own strength, its beauties and cruelties; it accepts certain sufferings as matters of course, puts up patiently with certain evils. Human life is reduced to real suffering, to hell, only when two ages, two cultures and religions overlap.

- Hesse, Hermann
One does not love a place the less for having suffered in it, unless it has been all suffering, nothing but suffering.

- Austen, Jane
If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we would find in each person's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.

- Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

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