Riches quotes
For just as poets love their own works, and fathers their own children, in the same way those who have created a fortune value their money, not merely for its uses, like other persons, but because it is their own production. This makes them moreover disagreeable companions, because they will praise nothing but riches.

- Plato
Have you never been moved by poor men's fidelity, the image of you they form in their simple minds? Why should you always talk of their envy, without understanding that what they ask of you is not so much your worldly goods, as something very hard to define, which they themselves can put no name to; yet at times it consoles their loneliness; a dream of splendor, of magnificence, a tawdry dream, a poor man's dream --and yet God blesses it!

- Bernanos, Georges
To have what we want is riches, but to be able to do without is power.

- George MacDonald
If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself, tell yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches.

- Rainer Maria Rilke
Riches: A dream in the night. Fame: A gull floating on water.

- Proverb, Chinese
If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can't buy.

Riches are a good hand maiden, but a poor mistress.

- Bacon, Francis
It is not what we learn in conversation that enriches us. It is the elation that comes of swift contact with tingling currents of thought.

- Repplier, Agnes
It is of the nobility of man's soul that he is insatiable: for he hath a benefactor so prone to give, that he delighteth in us for asking. Do not your inclinations tell you that the WORLD is yours? Do you not covet all? Do you not long to have it; to enjoy it; to overcome it? To what end do men gather riches, but to multiply more? Do they not like Pyrrhus the King of Epire, add house to house and lands to lands, that they may get it all?

- Traherne, Thomas
Through wisdom is a house built; and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge shall every room be filled with precious and pleasant riches.

- Bible
In a rich man's house there is no place to spit but his face.

- Diogenes of Sinope
You cannot hold on to anything good. You must be continually giving -- and getting. You cannot hold on to your seed. You must sow it -- and reap anew. You cannot hold on to riches. You must use them and get other riches in return.

- Collier, Robert
What a wealth of words in almost every language lies inert and unused; and certainly not fewest in our own. How much of what might be as current coin among us, is shut up in the treasure house of a few classical authors, or is never to be met at all but in the columns of the dictionary, we meanwhile, in the midst of all this riches, condemning ourselves to a voluntary poverty. . . like some workman who, being furnished for an operation that will challenge all his skills with a dozen different tools, each adapted for its own special purpose, should in his indolence and self conceit persist in using only one; doing coarsely what might have been done finely, or leaving altogether undone that which, with such assistance, was quite within his reach.

- Richard Chenevix Trench
The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.

- Benjamin Disraeli
Of rich men it telleth, and strange is the story how they have, and they hanker, and grip far and wide; And they live and they die, and the earth and its glory has been but a burden they scarce might abide.

- Morris, William
I care for riches, to make gifts To friends, or lead a sick man back to health With ease and plenty. Else small aid is wealth For daily gladness; once a man be done With hunger, rich and poor are all as one.

- Euripides
You have riches and freedom here but I feel no sense of faith or direction. You have so many computers, why don't you use them in the search for love?

- Walesa, Lech
For a person to build a rich and rewarding life for himself, there are certain qualities and bits of knowledge that he needs to acquire. There are also things, harmful attitudes, superstitions, and emotions that he needs to chip away. A person needs to chip away everything that doesn't look like the person he or she most wants to become.

- Nightingale, Earl
If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires.

- Epicurus
Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile.

- Sir Wilfred Grenfell

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