Respectability quotes
If you have some respect for people as they are, you can be more effective in helping them to become better than they are.

- Gardner, John W.
Respect a man, he will do it the more.

- Howell, James
A mere literary man is a dull man; a man who is solely a man of business is a selfish man; but when literature and commerce are united, they make a respectable man.

- Johnson, Samuel
It's so clear that you have to cherish everyone. I think that's what I get from these older black women, that every soul is to be cherished, that every flowerIs to bloom.

- Walker, Alice
I hate victims who respect their executioners.

- Sartre, Jean-Paul
Respect starts with yourself.

- Proverb
It seems to me that the god that is commonly worshipped in civilized countries is not at all divine, though he bears a divine name, but is the overwhelming authority and respectability of mankind combined. Men reverence one another, not yet God.

- Thoreau, Henry David
A celebrated people lose dignity upon a closer view.

- Bonaparte, Napoleon
To be good, according to the vulgar standard of goodness, is obviously quite easy. It merely requires a certain amount of sordid terror, a certain lack of imaginative thought, and a certain low passion for middle-class respectability.

- Oscar Wilde
Prestige is the shadow of money and power. Where these are, there it is. Like the national market for soap or automobiles and the enlarged arena of federal power, the national cash-in area for prestige has grown, slowly being consolidated into a truly national system.

- Mills, C. Wright
RESPECTABILITY, n. The offspring of a _liaison_ between a bald head and a bank account.

- Ambrose Bierce
Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.

- Sterne, Laurence
I think the worst thing this nation could do for humanity would be to leave any uncertainty as to our will, our purpose and our capacity to carry out our purpose.

- Humphrey, Hubert H.
There is no respect for others without humility in one's self.

- Amiel, Henri Frederic
Decency must be an even more exhausting state to maintain than its opposite. Those who succeed seem to need a stupefying amount of sleep.

- Crisp, Quentin
The inquiry in England is not whether a man has talents and genius, but whether he is passive and polite and a virtuous ass and obedient to noblemen's opinions in art and science. If he is, he is a good man. If not, he must be starved.

- Blake, William
The Miss America contest is the most perfectly rendered theater in our culture, for it so perfectly captures what we yearn for: a low-class ritual, a polished restatement of vulgarity, that wants to open the door to high-class respectability by way of plain middle-class anxiety and ambition.

- Early, Gerald
My life has been one long descent into respectability.

- Rice-Davies, Mandy
A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone.

- Graham, Billy
Where there is reverence there is fear, but there is not reverence everywhere that there is fear, because fear presumably has a wider extension than reverence.

- Socrates

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