Religion quotes
A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side.

- Aristotle
Religion, oh, just another of those numerous failures resulting from an attempt to popularize art.

- Pound, Ezra
The first time I sang in the church choir; two hundred people changed their religion.

- Allen, Fred A.
Religion is the dream of the human mind. But even in dreams we do not find ourselves in emptiness or in heaven, but on earth, in the realm of reality; we only see real things in the entrancing splendor of imagination and caprice, instead of in the simple daylight of reality and necessity.

- Feuerbach, Ludwig
There is not enough religion in the world to destroy the world's religions.

- Friedrich Nietzsche
"Knowledge, without common sense," says Lee, is "folly; without method, it is waste; without kindness, it is fanaticism; without religion, it is death." But with common sense, it is wisdom with method, it is power; with clarity, it is beneficence; with religion, it is virtue, and life, and peace.

- Austin Farrar
Between religion's this is and poetry's but suppose this is, there must always be some kind of tension, until the possible and the actual meet at infinity.

- Frye, Northrop
England has forty-two religions and only two sauces.

- Voltaire
All religions have based morality on obedience, that is to say, on voluntary slavery. That is why they have always been more pernicious than any political organization. For the latter makes use of violence, the former -- of the corruption of the will.

- Herzen, Alexander
Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.

- Albert Einstein
Each religion, by the help of more or less myth which it takes more or less seriously, proposes some method of fortifying the human soul and enabline it to make its peace with its destiny.

- George Santayana
Acceptance without proof is the fundamental characteristic of Western religion, rejection without proof is the fundamental characteristic of Western science.

- Gary Zukav
Where religion is trivialized, one is unlikely to find persecution.

- Charles Krauthammer
Philosophy offers the rather cold consolation that perhaps we and our planet do not actually exist; religion presents the contradictory and scarcely more comforting thought that we exist but that we cannot hope to get anywhere until we cease to exist. Alcohol, in attempting to resolve the contradiction, produces vivid patterns of Truth which vanish like snow in the morning sun and cannot be recalled; the revelations of poetry are as wonderful as a comet in the skies -- and as mysterious. Love, which was once believed to contain the Answer, we now know to be nothing more than an inherited behavior pattern.

- Thurber, James
This is the especial curse of our day, that religion does not mean, as it used, the service of God--the being like God and showing forth God's glory. No, religion means nowadays the art of getting to heaven when we die, and saving our own miserable souls, and getting God's wages without doing God's work--as if that was godliness, as if that was anything but selfishness, as if selfishness was any the better for being everlasting selfishness!

- Village Sermons. 1849.
Truth, in the matters of religion, is simply the opinion that has survived.

- Oscar Wilde
Every principle is a judgment, every judgment the outcome of experience, and experience is only acquired by the exercise of the senses; whence it follows that religious principles bear upon nothing whatever and are not in the slightest innate. Ignorance and fear, you will repeat to them, ignorance and fear -- those are the twin bases of every religion.

- Sade, Marquis De
People in general are equally horrified at hearing the Christian religion doubted, and at seeing it practiced.

- Butler, Samuel
He that has not religion to govern his morality, is not a dram better than my mastiff-dog; so long as you stroke him, and please him, and do not pinch him, he will play with you as finely as may be, he is a very good moral mastiff; but if you hurt him, he will fly in your face, and tear out your throat.

- Selden, John
There is nothing more innately human than the tendency to transmute what has become customary into what has been divinely ordained.

- Lafollette, Suzanne

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