Problems quotes
The great attraction of fashion is that it diverted attention from the insoluble problems of beauty and provided an easy way -- which money could buy... to a simply stated, easily reproduced ideal of beauty, however temporary that ideal.

- Zeldin, Theodore
Fear can supplant our real problems only to the extent --unwilling either to assimilate or to exhaust it --we perpetuate it within ourselves like a temptation and enthrone it at the very heart of our solitude.

- Cioran, E. M.
Fear of the pain blinds us to the goal of healing. Only by seeing our problems clearly and experiencing them can we do something about them.

- Hoffman, Bob
Rather than denying problems, focus inventively, intentionally on what solutions might look or feel like...Our mind is meant to generate ideas that help us escape circumstantial traps -- if we trust it to do so. Naturally, not all hunches are useful. But then you only need a single good idea to solve a problem.

- Sinetar, Marsha
Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them.

- Einstein, Albert
One of the annoying things about believing in free will and individual responsibility is the difficulty of finding somebody to blame your problems on. And when you do find somebody, it's remarkable how often his picture turns up on your driver's license.

- O'Rourke, P. J.
It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.

- Einstein, Albert
As a result of trying to solve the big problems we face in life, many of us end up sacrificing individual relationships by doing things that we may consider as being small or insignificant at the time. This reminds us of the George and Gracie routine where George asks Gracie, How do you cook a pot roast? She replied, I put both a big pot roast and a small pot roast in the oven. When the small one is burnt, the big one is done just right!

The day before my inauguration President Eisenhower told me, You'll find that no easy problems ever come to the President of the United States. If they are easy to solve, somebody else has solved them. I found that hard to believe, but now I know it is true.

- Kennedy, John F.
The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.

- Theodore Rubin
It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

- Douglas Adams
The history of the building of the American nation may justly be described as a laboratory experiment in understanding and in solving the problems that will confront the world tomorrow.

- Butler, Nicholas
When faced with a problem, some people say'Let's use AWK.'Now they have two problems.

- Zalman Stern
Alchohol, the cause of and the solution to all the world's problems.

- Homer Simpson
The man who is forever disturbed about the condition of humanity either has no problems of his own or has refused to face them.

- Miller, Henry
It is time for a new generation of leadership, to cope with new problems and new opportunities. For there is a new world to be won.

- Kennedy, John F.
I know of no department of natural science more likely to reward a man who goes into it thoroughly than anthropology. There is an immense deal to be done in the science pure and simple, and it is one of those branches of inquiry which brings one into contact with the great problems of humanity in every direction.

- Huxley, Thomas H.
One of society's biggest problems today is that we've allowed relationships to be accepted as impermanent, particularly marriage.

Al forms of consensus about great books and perennial problems, once stabilized, tend to deteriorate eventually into something philistine. The real life of the mind is always at the frontiers of what is already known. Those great books don't only need custodians and transmitters. To stay alive, they also need adversaries. The most interesting ideas are heresies.

- Sontag, Susan
I don't understand complicated problems. I only understand simple ones.

- Deupree, Richard

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